Sunday, December 8, 2013


Ebay owns paypal
. How nice! Things that may be illegal on paypal are ignored on ebay. How nice!
example: BITCOINS!

Sell a bitcoin on ebay with "buy it now" for $1,000.00. How nice! Ebay immediately charges you their "juice" "vig" percentage ...what ever for 10% or $100.00. How nice! Paypal receives the money in your account for the ILLEGAL bitcoin sale. How nice! They immediately charge you their "juice" "vig" percentage...whatever for 3% or $30.00. How nice!

PAYPAL...a SCAMMERS dream!!! They wait for the honest bitcoin seller (He/She believes they are protected using paypal :) to send the bitcoin (Bitcoins ONLY travel one way-No return) to the scammers. Who smiles with his/her unbrushed teeth, who then notifies paypal that they did not make this purchase:) Paypal then realizes that the poor scammer should get his/her monies back regardless of how you may think that you can prove you sent the coin to them:) Then paypal threatens you for violating their policies (small print) YOU LOSE!!!

NEXT: Try and get out of this. You lose the bitcoin. You lose the money. AND....the poor scammer gives you a NEGATIVE feedback! How nice.

How do I know this? I am going thru this with paypal. They are asking me questions (that I really can't answer) which must be faxed back to them...or they will limit my paypal account to Squat!
topend@juno is my paypal account. Have been with paypal since the mid 90's. BUT--PAYPAL says "who gives a crap, lets bury him....and they will. My paypal account and paypal mastercard are now void!

Any competition out there? Not much. Ebay has that pretty much locked up. They make it impossble for you to do it any other way.

THIS SUCKS!  Anyone out there have a beef with them? I sure would like to here about it

Lets talk about it....I have a good place also...TWITTER:) JTMONTE18